Making the place rather unpleasant

THE letter from C Davis, published in last week's Weston Mercury regarding a preacher outside Poundland was, really, quite sad and pitiful.

THE letter from C Davis, published in last weeks Weston Mercury regarding a 'preacher' outside Poundland was, really, quite sad and pitiful.

The High Street in Weston in the course of a year sees Father Christmases, carol singers, musicians playing a variety of instruments, people selling the 'Big Issue', people carrying out surveys and polls, a big box selling foodstuffs and other traders. This is not to mention the thousands of people smoking, eating, leaving litter, etc., riding bicycles and generally making the place rather unpleasant - all of which appears to perfectly acceptable to your correspondent.

But, suddenly, there appears a preacher and C Davis cannot rally the anti-religion humanists in Weston quickly enough to repel this 'nonsense spouting' individual.

I must confess that I have not seen or heard this preacher person, although there have been preachers in Orchard Street for many, many years with nobody getting excited about them, but, surely, as with any other distraction in the High Street, if C Davis doesn't like it why not simply walk past and ignore the preacher.

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At least the preacher is, I assume trying, trying to help the likes of C Davis in their journey through 'eternity', which may or may not be what the future holds for human beings, but again, surely, this attempt to help is a lot better than rejecting this offer of help with silly attacks on simple preachers.

Maybe C Davis has his eyes set on the same pitch outside Poundland to set up his own humanist preaching station in opposition.

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My advice to C Davis is if you don't like it, just walk past and ignore it.

As one Roman soldier said to another 2010 years ago: "If there is nothing in it, it will just go away, and if there is something in it, then there is nothing you or I can do to stop it."


Underhill Drive, Uphill

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