Matt of life and death

I WAS driving past the Nightjar pub one morning this week at 8.30.

I WAS driving past the Nightjar pub one morning this week at 8.30.

The area was full of young people making their way to Worle School and a lot of traffic.

Just in front of me was an adult female cyclist. She was tuned into her iPod, one hand steering her bike while she texted on her mobile phone with the other. I must assume that the communication she was having was a matter of life and death and couldn't possibly wait until she could get off her bike.

Needless to say I gave her as wide a berth as was safely possible.

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How are we going to teach the younger generation to adhere to the safety rules of the road whilst cycling when they witness so called 'sensible' adults behaving in such a way. It is against the law to use a mobile phone whilst driving, is there such a law for cyclists I wonder?

I only hope the lady in question got to her destination without harming either herself or anyone else.

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