Museums do not have to be modern

I SHOULD like to register my protest at the council s ill-thought-out proposals for the future of the North Somerset Museum.

I SHOULD like to register my protest at the council's ill-thought-out proposals for the future of the North Somerset Museum.

It has already undermined the service by not replacing the most senior and experienced staff at the museum, which makes it difficult to believe that the intention is to "provide a new and exciting type of museum service".

The increase in prices may well have reduced attendance - but I should like to see a breakdown of the figures. Do you count school visits? It is a pity that the public cannot buy refreshments inside without paying an entrance fee.

The signposting is very poor. Why isn't the museum highlighted as much as the Helicopter Museum?

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Very few museums have adjacent parking - V & A? British? Bristol?

Museums do not have to be modern to be interesting and informative. The much quoted damp is localised and well controlled at present. The volunteers at the museum are, I believe, willing to update displays.

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The Winter Gardens' premises in consideration are not as big as Burlington Street, even with the first floor, and a lift would be obligatory and very expensive there.

Touring exhibitions do not give the full museum experience and take much skill to organise, as well as being very expensive and an inadequate substitute for a museum.

What about the incomparable Clara's Cottage?

In conclusion, I acknowledge that North Somerset Council has to save money somewhere, but to say that they intend to improve museum services at the same time as saving money spent on the present museum stretches my credulity just a bit too far. The present ideas are likely to cost more than Burlington Street museum and impoverish the cultural life of the community at the same time.


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