'New' modernisation scheme planned

MY ANGER knew no bounds when I read in the Mercury that 'Poppyfields' dementia care home is to be closed.

MY ANGER knew no bounds when I read in the Mercury that 'Popyfields' dementia care home is to be closed.

A year ago, all relatives of the inhabitants and involved parties were invited in to look at the 'new' modernisation scheme planned there and all seemed hopeful and secure for the future. What a difference a year has made.

My father has lived there for well over a year, and is happy in his own world within that environment. The building, although in need of modernisation, provides together with the excellent and committed staff, a place that can be called 'home'.

The inhabitants do not have the mental capacity to protest about this closure, so as usual, it's up to the staff and relatives to keep this excellent development open.

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Having lived in this rapidly deteriorating town all my life, I have to say if this was a drug rehabilitation centre or alcohol addition clinic, there would be no chance of any proposed closure of this care centre.

Councillors of all persuasion seem to be immune to the fabulous work the staff of this institution do, and should get off their backsides and look inside the building to view their expertise and commitment.

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From the old pier to bad traffic management schemes, The Tropicana and the shabby look of the town, councillors have left a long and lasting legacy. Come to something that Westonians can be proud of, they decide to close it.

My father and his colleagues, if the dreaded closure occurs, would become totally disorientated and would suffer untold stress. This disease can affect anyone, so if it shuts all local people should remember that one day they may have been a resident there.

The solution is simple - change the name to Poppyfields drug rehabitaitn centre and the councillors, who to many are an affront to democracy and never represent the views of the electorate, would be falling over themselves to keep the centre open.

In the meantime I urge the staff and affected relatives to protest strongly to the trash who run this town as it is a cause that has to be fought for.


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