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RE: THE big Weston-super-Mare Sale. Did I hear correctly?

RE: THE big Weston-super-Mare Sale. Did I hear correctly? The council is selling off the museum to raise funds as they appear to have no money.

That is a bit odd as I pay my taxes, along with thousands of other people and get lack lustre services (bin men that can't get their large lorries out of depots whilst private companies manage well enough, roads that haven't seen a fresh coating of tarmac since the 1980s) and still they have no money.

As our glorious leaders appear to be deserting the town soon enough does this mean everything must go at a knock down price? Will the Playhouse be next (maybe as part of a buy one get one free offer along with the Winter Gardens) or perhaps I can expect the Italian Gardens to be bulldozed to the first person on some internet auction website who whacks in a bid.

I understand times are tight but how come other councils around the country can manage to subsidise but ours is simply incapable?

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