Not likely to promote tourism

CONGRATULATIONS to Councillor Ley-Morgan.

CONGRATULATIONS to Councillor Ley-Morgan. The thought of overweight people cavorting on the promenade or in Clarence Park, or elsewhere, at public expense is not a pretty one. Not likely to promote tourism, one would think.

Congratulations also to Councillor Keating for his letter critising the profligacy of the town council. When created, I doubted the wisdom of creating this cuckoo in the local nest and time, I believe, has proved me correct. At the start regular advertisements appeared in the local press stressing the low cost of the venture. This aspect seems to have been abandoned. I wonder why?

My solution to the problem is to abolish the town council as I am informed the Conservatives promised to do but have failed to carry through. I wonder why?

In the event of dissolution the Blakehay could be placed on the market. The local people could then ascertain the true value of 'this asset to the town'. In the event of no offer being received for this decaying building the former councillors could perhaps rent the building for informal discussions so that their ideas could be put to North Somerset Council. This would obviate the necessity for an expensive bureaucracy. To cater for their addiction they could perhaps participate in games of Empire building or Monopoly or whatever using their own money, of course.

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The idea could perhaps be adopted on a national basis up to and including the Palace of Westminster or even Brussels.

A satisfactory solution I believe particularly for the much abused taxpayer.

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