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WE HAVE recently completed a petition to hopefully reinstate the No. 85 bus route.

WE HAVE recently completed a petition to hopefully reinstate the No. 85 bus route.

We thank our neighbour Sue for helping us and all the lovely people who were nice to us.

To those who displayed a selfish attitude by saying 'it's nothing to do with me' or 'they should do something about it, all MPs and councillors are a waste of space', we ask how many telephone calls or letters they have made to voice their complaints. MPs and councillors are not mind readers.

We pay our rates for them to do a good job and we thank Councillor Robert Cleland and MP John Penrose for trying to reinstate the 85 bus route. There will be many pensioners who will have to choose between food and heat because they can no longer travel to their church halls for companionship and heat. They are now trapped in their homes.

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We agree with Councillor Elfan Ap Rees there are too many councillors, so write to them and tell them about your grievances to make them do the work they are paid to do. Preanes Green does have another bus service. The pensioners and disabled are now trapped in their homes due to the lack of the 85 bus route. It is no good leaving it to a few people. We have all got to fight for our bus service.


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