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Council criticism: MAY I join in, as a new arrival here from our neighbouring district of Bath and North-East Somerset?

MAY I join in, as a new arrival here from our neighbouring district of Bath and North-East Somerset?

There are some parallels. Both councils operate from a resort town, either Bath or Weston and in both, for many years a major source of controversy has been a swimming pool. But at least, while having nothing to shout about Tropicana-wise, North Somerset has avoided the financial black hole which has been the so-called Thermae Spa in Bath, with several tens of millions spent but they still charge you nine pounds to borrow a towel.

And now it seems, North Somerset is aiming to follow its neighbour's example by acquiring a large office in a subsidiary location. B&NES at the start of its short life, acquired a Gas Board building in Keynsham, and I worked there for a time. It was not so very different from the HBOS office in Clevedon.

I do recommend people to read the Committee Report on the Council website; (support papers for the executive meeting in December) which contains all the caveats one would expect.

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Leewood Road, Weston

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