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GREAT news. The museum's been saved by the very councillors who threatened its closure in the first place.

GREAT news. The museum's been saved by the very councillors who threatened its closure in the first place. They haven't actually saved it, more like simply withdrawn those hastily conceived closure plans

And why did they even think of closing it? 1) Partly because they're all so obsessed about short-term council finances and electoral promises. 2) Possibly because few councillors (of any party) have much interest in, understanding of, or use for the past. 3) Unfortunately because few councillors understand the importance of developing a sense of place and belonging within their communities. 4) Because the centre of political power now lies in Portishead.

Cllr Bryant is the only Weston councillor with a seat on the Executive. Two-thirds of the 61 councillors represent wards beyond this town.

When will Weston awaken to the reality that North Somerset as a concept and regardless of controlling party is incapable of delivering that which is necessary to its sense of self-worth and destiny?

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Can anyone tell me why a council which has boundaries based on those drawn before William the Conqueror arrived in 1066 needs to exist? "Economies of scale" I hear supporters cry. Really? Prove it.

North Somerset can't develop a coherent museum service because no-one is actually interested in the 'north' of Somerset and no-one in Portishead, Nailsea, Backwell or Clevedon is interested in Weston. At one level the historic shire-county is the rightful repository of historical records and ephemera and at another level the towns within Somerset should fulfil a similar position. But what exactly is North Somerset's defining role in the great scheme of things?

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