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LAST week I paid my first visit of 2009 to Weston and what a shock!

LAST week I paid my first visit of 2009 to Weston and what a shock!

Half of the promenade was fenced off and the nicest and most accessible part of the beach is covered in crates of paving tiles. Surely all this work should have been completed by Easter time.

Following the sad demise of the pier, and the necessary workings at the north end of Weston, the council should have made every effort to have this work finished for the start of the season.

To add insult to the residents and traders of Weston there were no workmen in sight. At least there was working going on at the pier and the Birse employees were working. Councillors you owe the traders and residents more effort than this. I am sure you are charging them high council tax, business rates as well as collecting very high parking charges.

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When news of the poor state of Weston reaches the Midlands I am sure the cars and coaches will be heading to Welsh resorts, which are making greater efforts to attract visitors.

There is a holiday week at the end of May. What state will the promenade be in? Despite few people walking along the accessible part of the prom last week they had to put up with cyclists and roller skaters, adults not children weaving in and out. If you are going to allow these activities on the promenade why not create a lane as you have for the train which works very well.

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You are obviously not giving much thought to the other walking prom users especially those with pushchairs, children and dogs. How many of the councillors use the prom, this is an accident waiting to happen! Come on councillors, you can and must do better than this, otherwise by the end of the season there will be less traders for you to collect revenue from.


Stewart Court


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