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NORTH Somerset Museum must not be allowed to close or move elsewhere.

NORTH Somerset Museum must not be allowed to close or move elsewhere.

As everyone knows it is an outstanding facility for both residents and visitors. With galleries and displays of the highest quality it must surely rank as one of the best museums in the country. The varied exhibits are hugely fascinating, clearly explained and presented in imaginative ways that cannot fail to capture our interest. A visit to Weston Museum is guaranteed to engage the curiosity of children and adults alike as well as provide an invaluable learning experience.

The historic building is ideally suited for its purpose and has a unique character that adds to the pleasure of a visit. It would be impossible to recreate such a distinctive, and wholly appropriate, ambience in any other location.

We are all instinctively curious about the past. It is part of being human to want to know where we have come from, what sort of lives were led by our forebears and what are the great movements in history that have brought us to where we are today. The museum answers these questions by bringing the past to life quite brilliantly. It is one of the district's great jewels and must not be taken from us.

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I find it deeply disturbing that selling the museum for development is even being considered. What should be happening instead, even when resources are scarce, is a discussion about street enhancement in the vicinity and clear signs to the museum from various locations in the town.

At a time when more and more people are taking an interest in their local heritage any proposal to close or re-site the museum would be seriously misguided. It is my hope, therefore, that every member of the council will oppose what is a short-sighted and ill-conceived recommendation.

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