Pathetic excuse

SO ONCE again the redevelopment of the Tropicana is delayed.

SO ONCE again the redevelopment of the Tropicana is delayed.

The reason given by our council or Cllr Elfan Ap Rees' own opinion is Gordon Brown must take the blame. What a pathetic excuse. Who gave the bankers carte blanche back in the 1980s? The recession began in the USA 2008, and when the US sneezes, we catch the cold.

Don't blame the recession for your shortcomings, the Tropicana has lain bare for years. Both Mace and now Henry Boot had to gather finance before committing themselves to the restoration then planning issues prolonged the decisions, extensions were granted, but the bottom line was the residents of Weston wanted a swimming facility.

A fun pool with wave machine plus an area for the toddlers, with a sliding roof, but no, this Tory council does not listen to the electorate.

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The Tropicana would have been up and running if Richard Nightingale had been allowed to buy it.

If Henry Boot had its finances itself then maybe it could have gone ahead, but they need others to take up the franchises.

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With the billions of debt we have now amassed, it's going to be nigh on a decade before we see a financial improvement, so experts are allegedly saying, will those who opposed the development be voting for this crop of councillors at the next local elections?

How many of Henry Boot's tenants will still be around, with pubs and hotels shutting up shop? Will Whitbread still be committed to the building of an hotel at the Tropicana?


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