People who care little for our town

WHEN I read today s front page story about the plan to move 700 jobs from Weston to Clevedon I was not at all surprised.

WHEN I read today's front page story about the plan to move 700 jobs from Weston to Clevedon I was not at all surprised.

After all, it is now well-known that the executive is made up of people who care little for our town and would rather feather their own northern nests.

However, as I got to the bottom of the page I was filled with hope when I saw the Mercury had contacted all out OF Weston Conservative councillors for their views. Excellent, I thought, they will defend our town against the tyranny of that lot from Portishead, Nailsea and Gordano.

Yet what did the article tell me? The majority say they 'don't know enough' about it and five even say they are for the move.

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Had they really not bothered to find out how many workers are based in the offices to be closed? Are they more interested in toeing the party line than sticking up for the people who elected them? Are they scared of Nigel Ashton? Are they simply thick and unable to work out the consequences of 700 job losses in the town?

I don't know, but I was left feeling sick to my stomach by their lily-livered answers and that's before I even considered the fact they are borrowing �16million to fund this madness, when they say they can't even keep village libraries and town playgroups open.

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Credit to councillors Horler, Parry Webb and Kimitri (who apparently did finally return your calls), who have come out against this ludicrous move. To the rest of you - wake up, your leader and his cronies are not interested in this town. Put politics aside and do the right thing for us.


Moorland Road, Weston

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