Problems in Tesco-super-Mare

IT IS good to see MP Lemit Opik visiting the town last week to highlight the emerging problems in Tesco-super- Mare

IT IS good to see MP Lemit Opik visiting the town last week to highlight the emerging problems in Tesco-super- Mare, following young Keane Lawrence's earlier letter to the Mayor highlighting what this company is doing to rip out the retail heart of our neighbourhoods - like so many others across the country.

We need to consider what direct action we can take to stop this before their bullying tactics and predatory pricing drive all our local shopkeepers to the wall. The gall of their spokesperson to say that Tesco Express shops are a boost to the local economy - what a load of absolute rubbish.

My local shopping centre, Whitecross Village, is now seriously threatened by the ridiculous decision of North Somerset to grant planning permission to build another Tesco Express directly opposite the newly refurbished Co-op store - which will quickly kill off the traditional local shops ; the green grocer, baker, pharmacy, florist, newsagent, butcher as well as the Co-op. In 10 years time the only choice will be Tesco - when the main store is little over a mile down the road. I am not sure if we can do much to stop the Tesco juggernaut - but let's have a go. At least we could make it more difficult for them to trade and like other communities across the country (such as Knowle in Bristol and Clevedon), we can pile on the pressure if only to force the Government and local council to develop policies which will stop this happening again. Without carefully worded retail planning policies in the new Local Development Framework, the threat of the bully boy barristers from Tesco will mean they will always get their way. If you are up for it, please email me at

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(please note the hyphen, they even control Microsoft) and if there is enough

interest we can get together and plan our campaign.

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It would be good if young Keane could be our local champion - as it is sadly his generation which will end up with only Tesco and impoverished local neighbourhoods and economies.


Malvern Road, Weston

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