New report into energy efficiency to have implications for property industry

David Plaister

David Plaister - Credit: Archant

David Plaister says a new report into energy efficiency in homes is calling for sweeping changes in both new and existing homes.

Property expert, David Plaister, reviews the new report into energy efficiency in homes which is set to have major implications for the whole property industry.

David explains that a new report into energy efficiency in homes is calling for sweeping changes in both new and existing homes.

The UK Housing Fit for the Future report is set to have major implications for the entire property industry, including those who will be valuing and marketing homes in the future.

The report in particular sounds a death knell for gas central heating. New homes would have no gas boilers or radiators within six years, and gas hobs would also be banned.

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Instead, new-builds would have heat pumps and induction hobs.

The report, from the Committee on Climate Change, calls for all new homes to be built to be as thermally efficient as possible.

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But there are also huge implications for the 29 million existing homes across the UK, which it says should be retrofitted as a national priority.

As such, this would be supported by the Treasury.

Existing homes would be upgraded to use low-carbon technology that has widely been regarded as ‘alternative’, such as heat pumps and heat networks.

New homes, wherever possible, should be timber-framed and triple glazed, as well as have no gas. The report calls for no new homes to be on the gas grid by 2025 at the latest.

The report is highly critical as to the quality of new-builds, and wants the ‘performance gap’ between how homes are designed and how they actually perform to be closed.

It says an immediate improvement would be to enforce current building standards.

It wants to see construction skills improved, particularly in relation to low-carbon building, and to see that low-carbon heat and mechanical ventilation systems are properly designed and installed, and householders trained in their use.

On retrofitting existing homes, the report calls for the roll-out of heat pumps in houses that are off the gas grid as an early step.

David went on to say the report’s findings and recommendations suggest estate agents would have to take a property’s energy features strongly into account in their valuations.

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