Proposed congestion circus

I AM very confused. According to the headlines in the Mercury a new seafront shutdown will crucify trade.

I AM very confused. According to the headlines in the Mercury a new seafront shutdown will crucify trade.

A number of traders have voiced their wrath and Councillor Elfan Ap Rees is quoted as saying that traders are happy with the scheme. This is the same council leader who states that everybody is happy with the proposed Congestion Circus (sorry - Pier Square) and then finds himself in conflict with Vision North Somerset which is worried about the affect on their members. Mixing buses with pedestrians at the best of times is a nightmare, especially as the buses will be running on a 'raised' bus lane. The situation for anyone with vision difficulties is almost impossible.

From September 1 there will be four separate construction jobs in the same area. The new scheme will last for 10 months, including two months when part of the seafront will be closed completely. Traffic will be diverted down Old Church Road - including buses I suppose. Has the Council ever looked at this road?

Pier Square is due to be started in the autumn, when the seafront enhancement is completed - well they had better hurry up, it is nearly autumn and there seems a lot still to do. We still have the rest of the seafront, south of the Grand Pier to pave and then there is the pier itself, with access needed for all the building supplies. The new road scheme is due to be finished by the end of June 2010 and the Michaels are hoping to re-open the pier by the start of June.

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Now, either Councillor Ap Rees is a genius with extraordinary vision or he is North Somerset's own King Canute trying to stem the congestion tide before it washes all over him. All will be revealed in the fullness of time - so watch this space.


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