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WHATEVER happened to the honour of service to your fellow citizens?

WHATEVER happened to the honour of service to your fellow citizens?

I remember the days when councillors gave their services free and were proud to do it!

Now I am so over represented both at national and local level. We have far too many councillors. Each ward need only have one councillor, after all we only have one Member of Parliament to represent our district. Weston Town Council should be disbanded to save the money it costs, as we already have our ward councillors to represent us.

I am astonished how much our councillors now cost us. How dare some of them expect to receive a pension at our expense.

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There needs to be a drastic reduction in the number of councillors. In the interim period all councillors should accept a 20 percent decrease in their basic allowances, responsibilities allowances should be reduced by 50 per cent, and all pensions cancelled retroactively. Any pension money already paid should be deducted from future allowances.

With a reduced number of councillors, the savings made could be enormous e.g. fewer employees as there would be less paperwork to send out. Cut out nonsense titles and jobs and use only plain English.

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On a happier note I look forward to the summer of 2010, as once the Grand Pier opens and the promenade is finished Weston will be amongst the finest resorts in the U.K.


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