Seem to be very poorly thought out

THIS IS an open letter about the proposed road changes for Ebdon Road and St Marks Road around the St Mark s Primary School.

THIS IS an open letter about the proposed road changes for Ebdon Road and St Marks Road around the St Mark's Primary School.

Firstly I would state that putting up notices on both roads concerning the changes is good, except that it would appear that each notice contains different information about different aspects of the proposed road changes. This would seem to be very poorly thought out as most people would read one notice and assume (correctly or not) that the other notices will have the same information. Councillors and council workers please take note and adjust your notices accordingly.

Currently during the times the pupils are arriving and departing St Marks the roads around the school are packed with parked cars. The worst areas are St Marks Road and Parklands Avenue. Under the proposed changes there will be zebra crossings installed in Ebon Road and St Marks Road, plus there will be restricted parking in St Marks Road.

Where are the cars that can no longer park in St Marks Road going to go? Well, I suspect that some will try parking in Ebdon Road, some around the sweeping bend in St Marks Road and the majority in Parklands Avenue. Due to its layout, this road is currently not safe for cars or pedestrians during school arrival and departure times and, with even more cars parking in it, it will become even more unsafe.

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What have the residents of Parklands Avenue done to warrant the council considering making our road more dangerous to drive on?

If the council is hell bent on continuing with these changes then I trust it is also going to undertake some extensive monitoring of the traffic flows and conditions of the roads for a good number of weeks after the changes take place and then publish the results in the Weston Mercury to prove it was right and I was wrong.

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Mr Salter

Parklands Avenue, Worle

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