Set to move a number of jobs

SO COUNCILLORS are still set to go against commonsense and rumours are they even intend to run a bus service to get their staff to work.

SO COUNCILLORS are still set to go against commonsense and rumours are they even intend to run a bus service to get their staff to work.

Councillors seem well and truly set to move a number of jobs out of Weston with little or no attention to public opinion, and with scant regard to their own policies within their so called 'Core Strategy', hollow promise again.

With a very obvious decline in and around our high street we need the investment and jobs they keep promising, the works on the seafront defences are a temporary job creation scheme as is the pier rebuild with some permanent posts and seasonal work to follow, so how can they justify any job removal?

Where do these people get the idea that Westonians can be hoodwinked into accepting what is a further erosion of the town?

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The real logistical facts just do not stand scrutiny and, in fact, seem to point towards major cost to us the taxpayer, financially, and by adding to our already well publicised traffic problems

Unfortunately Clevedon lost part of its transport infrastructure when the motorway cut through the railway line, the cost of bridges was prohibitive so the branch-line was closed.

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The closest train station is Yatton, and with no bus service the word is buses will be put on and paid for by taxpayers? Who pays for the other proposed bus service from Weston to Clevedon?

Contrary to what Councillor Ashton says, Junction 21s problems are going to be adversely affected. He states most traffic related to council staff is incoming traffic but this is not and has never been a problem, yet if the staff are forced onto the roads to Clevedon this will definitely add to the chaos every morning.

Does he even use this junction himself I wonder? I doubt he is ever near this junction at rush hour, and is Clevedon more to his liking being closer to his home in Portishead?

John Brentnall of the town centre partnership suggests a breathing space would give time for consultation, but I think the council is rushing through a controversial proposal hoping speed will crush commonsense and reasonable discussion.

And what happens when the proposed income from letting spare office space to imaginary and fly-by-night companies' leaves the authority with a huge White Elephant and mounting debts.

Just who carries the can for the whole project? Certainly not the people who voted for the move and then became ex-councillors.


Sunnyside Road, Weston.

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