Several issues deserve comment

SEVERAL letters and articles have appeared in the Times recently which deserve some comment.

SEVERAL letters and articles have appeared in the Times recently which deserve some comment.

Is it not odd how the power that be always come up with reasons why projects may not be carried out?

It is suddenly a requirement to upgrade the railway line from Portbury to Bristol, before passenger units can run from Portishead to Bristol.

On the other hand the west coast main line actually has to be up graded to run freight.

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The cost for the Posset to Bristol line is negligible compared to that for the proposed 250mph South to North route.

There is on the latter situation that now the Dorman Lone Steelworks at Middlesborough is closed where are the rails to be sourced that are reliable at those speeds?

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As for the Portishead line a couple of light units at 35 mph will be quite happy on the present line.

The matter of the cabstand traffic lights when the system was in action, many drivers approaching the lights would jump the amber when the lights change. And some would even ignore the red.

As for pedestrians about 80 per cent of them took no notice of their particular signals when crossing the roads in the junction.

Priority to the right and zebra crossings should make things safer, the posts and the power are to hand.

It would do no harm to extend the 20 mph limit in all directions but particularly down to access turning to the clinic in Wyndam Way.

Put the skateboard park in the controversial farm area keeping the existing natural features.

Finally the Severn Barrage with an associated Bridgwater Bay barrier should be started immediately. It should be British built on the lines of the 1944 Mulberry Project.

The Government should take over the steelworks at Middlesborough and produce the necessary materials.

The level in the lagoon can be controlled to level to suite pressure groups.


Nore Road, Portishead

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