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THANK you for sending me your letter to the Weston Mercury.

THANK you for sending me your letter to the Weston Mercury. Some facts might help to put the record straight and put your mind at ease.

The report approved by councillor's states clearly that the council intends to look at ways in which we can provide alternative, more cost effective services at Backwell, Banwell and Congresbury.

Despite remarks to the contrary, the report is clear that the council wishes to replace the buildings with better use by the library service of multi-use buildings such as children's centres, schools, leisure centres or any other suitable building.

The council has been investing in its library service. Clevedon, Worle and Yatton have already received refurbishments (the latter in partnership with the parish council). Long Ashton and Weston have also been identified as future beneficiaries of funds.

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In addition to this we have the Campus (Locking Castle) and the Healthy Living Centre (Bournville) with multi-purpose facilities - libraries sharing buildings with schools and health centres and so on. It makes economic sense to do this and this is the approach to be investigated in Banwell, Backwell and Congresbury. In Banwell, for example, we have a Children's Centre just around the corner from the existing library building.

In summary, it is important to distinguish between the closure of the library building (which is proposed) and the closure of the library service (which is not proposed).

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I will leave the councillors to comment on your remarks about them, but, just to clarify, the meeting of Councillors which took this decision was a meeting of the council's executive members - only they were able to vote. All other Councillors present were able to contribute to the debate, but not vote. I should point out that Councillor Lake was away and was therefore unable to take part in the decision-making process.

I hope this is helpful in clarifying the situation.


Chief executive officer

North Somerset Council

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