Should be proud of its museum

MAY I make a contribution to the debate re the future of the museum in Weston.

MAY I make a contribution to the debate re the future of the museum in Weston.

My granddaughter and great granddaughter of almost four years, recently visited me from Oxfordshire for a short holiday. We were looking for things that might be of interest to them both and so organised a visit to the museum.

My granddaughter was very impressed with the content of the museum and particularly with the items that are provided for the interest of young children.

There were at least 12 items of educational and entertainment value which her daughter thoroughly enjoyed and my granddaughter is of the opinion that Weston Museum surpassed the following museums in provision of a service for young children.

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They have previously visited the following museums: In Oxford - The Ashmolean, Pitt Rivers and University of Natural History; Oxfordshire - Wallingford; Cambridge - The Fitzwilliam and Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

Weston should be proud of its museum and the council should think well before possibly destroying the valuable service the museum provides.

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North Somerset Council may have other plans such as storage of the collection until a better home may be found for the museum and provision of a mobile service but will it be a repeat of the Tropicana saga and nothing will happen?


Trewartha Park, Weston

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