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IT IS no surprise that once again the Tropicana is facing more delays.

IT IS no surprise that once again the Tropicana is facing more delays. After all, there is a recession and everybody is feeling the pinch.

Whitbread has cut its spending due to the financial situation and without it on board the Tropicana might not be rebuilt, so says Henry Boot. If the hotel pulls out what will the other proposed tenants do?

It is apparent that Henry Boot will not commit itself to the reconstruction of the Tropicana until it has the funds on the table from the various tenants. How many more years must elapse before the residents of Weston get a swimming pool?

When are the councillors going to side with the people who elected them?

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For 10 years we have lived with this eyesore, surely the council can ask Henry Boot a simple question: Are you going to rebuild the Tropicana, yes or no? If yes, then get started, if no then walk away.

The council will then have to decide what action to take. If no is the answer should it be just a swimming pool or should it be demolished to create a car park, which might fund something for Weston.

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