Skate park dream still alive

TIMES headline February 10– Skatepark dream is wiped out . No, it is not!

TIMES headline February 10- 'Skatepark dream is wiped out'. No, it is not!

But yes, the project committee is furious and somewhat frustrated by North Somerset Council's decision to refuse planning permission for a modern skatepark on the Lake Grounds.

Despite the hundreds of residents supporting the application (only 18 registered objections!) and despite the officer's recommendation for approval and with no objections from the police, all the Portishead councillors bar one voted against the proposal.

It was worthy of note that not once during the debate did any councillor refer to the town council's positive recommendation for approval.

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Several councillors stated that the skatepark should be located elsewhere but we remain convinced that the Lake Grounds is the best site in the town and we are not going to be fobbed off with some out of the way area that does not meet all our criteria for a successful skatepark.

Several other red herrings were raised and there are serious concerns about certain aspects of how the decision was arrived at.

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But no, the dream is not wiped out and the Portishead Skatepark Project will not be satisfied until the dream becomes a reality!


Portishead Skatepark Project

Nightingale Rise, Portishead

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