Sorry for all the traders

AT LAST I finally find myself agreeing with comments made by Cllr Elfan Ap Rees in last week's Mercury.

AT LAST I finally find myself agreeing with comments made by Cllr Elfan Ap Rees in last week's Mercury.

The first is about the application to have a hot dog stand on Big Lamp Corner. I know that last year when I saw a van on Burton's corner selling hot dogs, etc, it was so out of place I almost wrote a letter to the press, but then thought 'why bother, the council has already approved it So that's that'.

But I did at the time feel very sorry for all the local traders in the area, they must have thought 'what is our council thinking of? Are they trying to put us out of business?

Here we are trying to make Weston a more interesting place for our visitors and then we get this thrown in our face.'

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I am pleased that Cllr Elfan Ap Rees has voiced his objection and that the council listens to it and acts so ensuring that this never happens and is turned down. I see that Co Co Brown's and other traders have also objected. They all pay high rates and they should not have to be faced with this type of unfair competition.

There is no place in Weston for this type of van unless it is in our public parks where there are no food outlets such as at Uphill beach which had one there last year and was well attended.

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The second comment made by the councillor was about the possibility of having a big wheel on the Beach Lawns. I am sure it would be a big hit with our visitors providing the council can have some input on the cost of going on it.

I remember there was a small Ferris Wheel up by the Marine Lake last year but the cost of a two minute ride was, I think, �2 per person. I did write to comment on this at the time as I thought for one adult with two children having to pay out �6 was a bit much especially as children over the age of 12 were allowed on without an adult. This was also before we lost the Grand Pier.

Finally re a letter last week about Weston's Town Council from Geoff Malham. Yes I am sure in these troubled times it would be much more practical to do away with the town council and put the cost of running it to better use. On this I feel that would be the feelings of a lot of Weston's ratepayers.


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