Stark contrast to area outside

ON SUNDAY August 9 I drove to Weston, primarily to see Val Doonican in concert, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

ON SUNDAY August 9 I drove to Weston, primarily to see Val Doonican in concert, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I came early enough to visit the lovely park you have near to the Playhouse theatre, and also to visit Jill's Garden.

The floral displays in the park and the numerous hanging baskets all added to the beauty of that area.

The weather was gorgeous and a band was playing in the bandstand, with many people sat around in deckchairs really enjoying the whole atmosphere, reminding me of 'days gone by', apart from one very selfish young man who appeared to be continuously encouraging his dog to bark, hence the total peace and tranquillity of this idyllic area was spoilt, and I guess many people had their enjoyment spoilt also!

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As for Jill's Garden, I was once again disappointed that in the midst of such abundant colour in the floral displays in the park area outside, her garden was quite dull, no floral colour and appeared quite overgrown, its only colour was green!

This may be because it is all 'shrub' type plants chosen so that it requires minimal maintenance, but is in very stark contrast to the area outside.

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This is not the first time I have had this feeling about this garden, what must the visitors to Weston think of the way she is being remembered?

For me it does not reflect her lovely 'sunny' personality surely they could have at least had three or four of the hanging baskets in there to colour it up a bit. I think many of the plants there are too big for such a small area.

Finally I did enjoy a lovely cream tea in the sunshine from the small caf� in the park before going to the show.

Forgive me for 'rabbiting' on about this, but I felt someone should know the impression it would be giving to visitors.




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