Swimming against the tide

Let s take a few minutes to think about art and culture in Weston. Basically, the town is a cultural desert.

Let's take a few minutes to think about art and culture in Weston. Basically, the town is a cultural desert.

However, there are one or two associations or bodies swimming against the tide, North Somerset Arts and North Somerset Arts Festival are desperately trying to bring a bit of culture into this otherwise downmarket seaside resort. Weston College is aiming to educate people in the arts. If only the population would pay more attention to what's going on around them and support these instead of their usual apathetic attitude.

I myself am attending university campus Weston.

How many people actually know that this building, run by Weston College is called university campus and houses, Bath Spa University students first, second and third years, all studying various parts of the arts as a student at this establishment.

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I spend most of my time in Bristol or London, because, like I've just said finding a venue to put on any art show in Weston is difficult. After recently hiring the Blakehay I will probably never hire it again. I found the heating and the lighting are non-existent. An artist exhibiting his or her work has to remove it because of bookings which cannot be moved. However, when you hire an Art Gallery, you are hiring it. This means it is not to be shed.

I've said about all the empty shops in town. You would think that estate agents and the owners would like to lease them out for one or two weeks, to be used as a temporary gallery but after extensive research they do not. They are not interested in this thought so this goes back to what I originally stated, apathy reigns supreme in Weston.

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