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I M WRITING in response of your article 'Safety call after horse dies in road horror'.

I'M WRITING in response of your article 'Safety call after horse dies in road horror'. First of all I would like to send my deepest sympathy to Fran Parkinson for her loss. My friend and I also keep horses along that road and almost came to the same fate about three weeks ago. Fortunately for us we we were on the opposite side of the road that the car was travelling.

My friend's pony was spooked at something in the hedge and mine, being a bit green, did the same.

As this happened a car came speeding around a blind bend and almost hit us. The driver had to slam her brakes on hard to stop. If we where going the same way as the car the same accident would have happened to me.

We take our life in our own hands every time we leave the field. We have to step into the road to see if there are any cars coming. Apparently the highways department will not put a mirror opposite unless there's an accident.

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There is a 40mph sign on a verge next to our field, no one travelling on that side of the road would see it, as it's behind a thick bush.

From the Walnut Tree pub in Winterstoke Road to Elborough Village there's not one sign to say horse and rider, yet there's one for deer.

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I have seen them in the fields, but in three years I haven't seen one in the road, but every day I see horses pass our field.

We too feel that the speed limit should be reduced, signs need to be put up, not only down that road but through the Bury, as there's a nasty bend there and also speed cameras.

No rider likes riding on the roads, but unfortunately we have to to get to the bridleways.


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