Teen violence

Over the bank holiday weekend, there were incidents of teen violence that left one teen within an inch of his life

Over the bank holiday weekend, there were incidents of teen violence that left one teen within an inch of his life. I am not sure to what extent the police had knowledge of the events leading up to this, but what I am sure of is that violence amongst young white British males/females is very high. This forces me to ask our community some questions. In African communities they say that it takes a whole village to raise a child, yet it appears that in our community residents appear to wish these problems away. Sure, the community support officers implemented recently have kerbed some incidents, and the zero tolerance policy of the police force has deterred drinking and some bad behaviour. However, in my opinion teens in the community act out of fear, and feel an isolation from 'community' perpetuated by the adult population's unwillingness to seek out why these things are happening. For a nation looking to become more diverse, and trying and be a role model to other countries, I fear that it falls short. It falls short in minimally addressing the domestic violence in the homes that breeds violence in young white males/females. It falls short in expecting a youth under 18 to come forth against his perpetrators with police with no hope that anything would be done to protect him/her. It falls short in lacking family education about negative racial rhetoric in our homes that perpetuate racially motivated attacks and misunderstandings. It falls short in bridging the gap between the older 'fearful' population and the younger 'fearful' population. These teens were not just dropped down here from space, and this community needs to take accountability. All I see in the papers is 'those youth are horrible, and we don't like those kind in our community'. Those 'kind' are your kind, Portishead. I have lived in other affluent communities in other places, and in my experience the best scenario for this problem came in the following approaches:Providing a domestic violence shelter and local crisis line where women and children feel they can go for safety, assistance with housing and educational opportunities.Leaving people like police Sgt Terry Scoble in service to our community. Teens respect him and feel that he can help them. There has been talk that he will be leaving his post, and the teens I know are very upset about this. The result of this move will bring about more isolation and violence in the youth of Portishead. Why change something that works?Educational town hall meeting between police, parents and children in the community to address these issues. Schools: Mandatory psychological training for teachers in training. Anti-bullying and diversity campaigns in the schools and community on an on-going basis. I have seen first hand how these have helped communities in the past, and hope that it can happen here. The immigrant population will get larger, and greater understanding of other cultures is greatly needed in this primarily white British community. Development: Can the construction companies and the community work out a way to make more activities for our youth? Implement skate parks, a cinema, bowling alley, as it appears that Cribbs is too far for most youth with little money. There are so many houses, and yet our youth are chased out of the 'green' areas. Where do you reckon they can meet up with friends? NAME AND ADDRESS SUPPLIED

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