The small minority of selfish idiots

MAY I address as many of the 50,000 spectators as possible who attended the beach race last weekend. To most of you, thank you for visiting our town

MAY I address as many of the 50,000 spectators as possible who attended the beach race last weekend.To most of you, thank you for visiting our town. Thank you for spending your money with us. It is a much-needed source of revenue. Thank you for being well behaved and showing some respect for the local residents. You were welcome, and we hope to see you again next year.To the small minority of selfish idiots who seem to believe that all common sense and reason together with traffic laws are completely suspended for the weekend, I wish to say this: Thank you for parking your massive camper vehicles with two wheels on the pavement. I'm sure us locals will not mind stumping up to repair any damage to the kerbs you may have caused. Thank you for obstructing our footpaths to the extent that disabled people had to walk in the road to get past you. Thank you for leaving your exterior generators humming away into the small hours. They really did lull us off to sleep.A special thank you goes out to those of you who parked your cars on junctions narrowing the road down to such an extent that the bus services could not function properly. I dread to think how the fire and rescue service would have reached many of our homes had there been an emergency.I also wish to thank all of you who blocked off private driveways, vehicular entrances and crossing points. You successfully managed to block many people either in or out of their premises. My final very special thank you is reserved for the moron who on being politely asked not to block off a private driveway with his car subjected the locals to a lecture on the simpletons guide to the Road Traffic Regulation Act. Apparently if there are no double yellow lines you can park where you want! (Westonians bear that one in mind.)To all of you I say this: I hope you are the ones who had your cars towed away, and I hope you had to pay a lot of money to get them back. If it were down to me I would have had them crushed and you would not have seen them again. Most of us are proud of our annual event but please do not come back next year. You are not welcome.GERALD BOARDSt Pauls Road, Weston

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