The youngsters who use Weston's youth cafe have their say...

IT IS a project which Weston should be proud of and I understand that it does have a national reputation for the work undertaken to promote the personal

IT IS a project which Weston should be proud of and I understand that it does have a national reputation for the work undertaken to promote the personal and social development of young people.All the research in youth work and youth justice shows that such projects play a significant preventative role in their community which should be virtually financially costed as well - eg if just 10 per cent of those attending Barcode were to offend in the absence of such a facility, then the financial cost to that community of those young people going through the court system would far exceed the subsidy expenditure given.Given the context of significant concerns about the level of alcohol misuse amongst young people, the town council support of a popular well run, no alcohol facility is to be commended in its preventative and educative work.The size and image of Barcode is important in my view, it is multi-purpose, it is big enough for young bands to perform and gives an image that it is possible to meet in a pub-like atmosphere without drinking alcohol, which could not be achieved through smaller units.I would urge you to sign the lease for the remaining eight years and financially support its work.KEITH GRAHAM - Hill Road, Weston* Your idea of closing it and opening smaller facilities across town would not solve the problem of finance as you would then have more leases to pay and extra staff.As for the cost of Barcode being more expensive than most youth facilities that is because it is a nice well-equipped building not some dingy village hall.MR S A BALL - Via e-mail* IT IS fun and a good social place and I enjoy it.CHARLEY PARKER - Bournville Road, Weston* IT IS my Friday night.SAMANTHA SHARLANG - Ellenborough Crescent, Weston* WE MEET friends we haven't seen in a long time and it is a good experience for us.JARED WILLIAMS - Homefield, Locking* I REALLY, really like it here.KELLY PRESTON - Bournville Road, Weston* MY daughter comes here every Friday and on some Saturdays.MICHELLE GIBBS - Chaucer Road, Weston* LOTS of us go and love it - it is something for children to experience.SIMONE - Marconi Close, Weston* I THINK it has provided us kids with a place we can call 'our space' and has served as a place where we can have fun and enjoy ourselves and also get away from nagging parents.JASMINE CHOPRA - Uphill Road North, Weston* PLEASE can you keep Barcode because we all love it so much!SHANNON HEANEY - Stuart Road, Weston* THERE'S nothing to do at home on a Friday night - it is good at Phat Friday.You meet loads of new people and you get to enjoy yourself.LEAH VINEY - Buttermere Road, Weston* IF YOU close down Barcode our Fridays won't be fun - they will be so boring.DONNA - Bournville Road, Weston* DON'T shut Barcode because it's wicked and the staff are very helpful.JACK - Bournville Road, Weston* IF YOU shut it there will be more children and yobs round Weston town, this keeps us out of trouble.ANTHONY HALLIDAY - Bridge Road, Weston* IT IS better than a church - we love it here.JESSICA LITTLEWOOD - Addicott Road, Weston* PLEASE, please, please don't shut Barcode because we love it so much.JODIE - Rydal Road, Weston* I LIKE meeting my mates here at lunch when I'm at college and the staff are amazing.AARON - Ottawa Road, Weston* PLEASE don't shut Barcode because if you do there are no more places that you can meet girls and that will be a shame.ADAM - Mayfield Avenue, Weston* I LOVE it here.ROBBIE MACKAY - Elm Tree Road, Locking* I WOULD be lost without Barcode, please don't shut Barcode because I will cry.JADE STAPLES - Baker Street, Weston* WE love it so much it is better than hanging round on the streets.DEMI - Lonsdale Avenue, Weston* IT IS a really fun place to come on Fridays and have a disco.SOPHIE - Grasmere Drive, Weston* PLEASE help us to save Barcode - please help us. We like it lots.REECE WATTS - Weston* IF IT'S shut down there will be a lot of young people on the streets - please help us.KELLY - Church Road, Worle* WE LOVE it here so don't move us. We won't want it to be in a church and we are happy here.HANNAH KINGSBURY - Dartmouth Close, Weston* IT IS a great place to be social and have a great time. There's never a moment when I want to go home and never come again. I never had anything to do until Barcode opened. If it closed down I would never have anything to do so please don't close down Barcode.CHLOE GIBBS - Bournville Road, Weston* WE use this to hang out on Friday night with our mates instead of going around town. Please keep it open.LAURA NICHOLS - Byron Road, Weston* IF IT got shut down I would be so bored. So please don't shut it down.FRANKIE NEWMAN - Stradling Avenue, Weston* It is awesome. I use it three times a week. It is a safe place for us to go. We meet new friends too.CHARLIE - Milton Hill, Weston* IT IS somewhere for us to hang out with our friends and get girlfriends and dance.LUKE BARNES - Hildesheim Close, Weston* PLEASE don't shut down Barcode. It is the only thing kids our age can do and it is fab. If you were our age you would love it so please take my word for it please, please, don't shut it down.VICKY NEWNES - Mendip Road, Weston* I ONLY use it once a week but I know people who use it more regularly. If we didn't have Barcode I think more people would hang around on the streets. It is safer here for me and my friends.LAURA THOMAS - Fullens Close, Locking Castle* PLEASE don't close our only place to go.If you close this place down we will all be on the streets drinking, smoking and maybe even taking drugs for fun.NATALIE - Milton Rise, Weston* IT'S a place where you can socialise, meet people and have fun. It's safe, supervised and keeps young people from doing stupid things on the street.HANNAH WALBYOFF - Milton Hill, Worlebury* I USE it once a week. If I didn't go to Barcode I would be devastated. I meet all my friends there and it is somewhere safe to go. To me Barcode is amazing.LAUREN - Totterdown Road, Weston* DON'T close down Barcode, because if it isn't there we won't have anything to do and people will vandalise things, I think Barcode is amazing and come every Friday.JESSICA ALLEN - Beechmount Drive, Weston* IF I didn't go to Barcode I would be bored on Friday nights.NADINE EGGINGTON - Woodland Road, Weston* EVERYONE loves it. To me Barcode is amazing.EMILY - Totterdown Road, Weston* I WOULD have nothing to do Friday except for play on streets but it is much better inside.NAOMI EVETT - Weston* THE staff at Barcode are cool and very helpful.If it was closed down then I wouldn't have anywhere to go on Fridays.SABRINA DANIELS - Langport Road, Weston* COMING here stops vandalism and kids making trouble.GABBI WILLIAMS - Newland Road, Weston* IF you close Barcode I will be rather upset.JORDAN - Weston* I USE it three times a week. If I did not go to Barcode I would probably be very naughty. I would be lost without Barcode.CHANTELLE DAY - Langford Road, Weston* I MEET all my friends there and it is somewhere safe I can go.OLIVIA JANE BROADFIELD - Locking, Weston* PEOPLE have a laugh and it is good because you can enjoy a Friday night.CHLOE JONES - Buttermere Road, Weston* PLEASE stop the council from closing Barcode.JODIE - Woodborough Crescent, Winscombe* I LOVE seeing and meeting up with all my mates. We all love it. Barcode rocks!FLORA - Montpelier, Weston* WITHOUT Barcode there would be nowhere to meet my friends.CARINA BRITTON - Stradling Avenue, Weston* IT WILL keep youths off the street decreasing the number of vandalism and robberies and more so please keep it open.IMOGEN - Milton Brow, Weston* IT gives us a chance to go out and have fun and I won't have anywhere else to go otherwise.BETHANY DYER - Sandford Road, Winscombe* PLEASE help us save Barcode as it is really fun. I live in Winscombe and Barcode is a place where I meet all my mates from Worle, etc.HOLLIE - Church Road, Winscombe* IF I didn't go to Barcode I would be stuck at home watching TV and bored.I meet all my friends there.LEONA PRITCHARD - Partridge Close, Worle* IF I didn't go to Barcode I would be lost with nothing to do except for staying in at home. Barcode is much better.LUCY - Montacute Circus, Weston Village* IF I didn't go to Barcode I would be bored as anything.ELLIE BRITT - Fairfield Close, Milton* I WILL be very upset if Barcode does shut. There is nowhere else for teenagers to go if Barcode shuts.CHLOE GILL - Locking Road, Weston* IF YOU close Barcode my Friday evenings will be dull and boring.JORDAN EASTWOOD - Church Road, Worle* IF YOU shut down barcode there is nowhere else to go and children and teenagers will resort to crime, smoking and drinking alcohol. It will make kids terrorise the streets. As a result there will be more litter, drugs, alcohol and violence in our community.MIKE BOARD - Maple Close, Weston* PLEASE keep it because it keeps us teens out of trouble.SAM HOARE-MATTHEWS - Ottawa Road, Weston* I USE it all the time. I'd never see my friends without it.KELLY - Cobthorn Way, Congresbury* I ALWAYS meet my mates and girlfriend there so please don't shut it down.DAN - Stroud Way, Weston* IF Barcode was to shut then we would have nothing to do and there would be more kids on the street causing mayhem.EMMA WILLIAMS * SAVE Barcode because it keeps kids off streets.VICKIE ROSSITER - Baytree Road, Weston* IF I didn't go to Barcode I would be very upset.LAURA ADDICOTT - Brinsea Road, Congresbury* PLEASE save Barcode - we love it, it's fun.JAZ - Sutton Close, Locking Castle* SHUT Barcode = complete utter stress for several years.ED PLAISTER - Landemann Circus, Weston* IT'S the only place we can have a laugh.ELLIE CORLETT - Osprey Gardens, Weston* WE have made so many new friends by coming here.KELLY BAKER - Montpelier East, Weston* TO ME Barcode is a friend, a place where there is no alcohol, drugs or cigarettes.ASHLEY WRIGHT - Bristol Road Lower, Weston* IF Barcode wasn't here I would be smoking and drinking on Fridays - it is something to do.JOE BEANEY - Milton Road, Weston* IT'S the only place we can have fun.CHARLEY ROUTLEDGE - Upper Bristol Road, Weston* THERE is hardly anywhere for teenagers to hang out and we love it here.SIAN - Shaftesbury Road, Weston* I COME to Barcode every week. I love coming, the people who work here are very nice and I want to keep coming.JASON - Drove Road, Weston* THIS way teenagers have somewhere to meet their friends, apart from town and it keeps them off the streets.TARA - Woodspring Avenue, Worlebury* I LOVE Barcode - don't close.BECKIE DOUGHTY - Boundary Road, Weston* IF WE didn't have Barcode we would be out on the streets.SABRINA - Farm Road, Weston* IT IS one of the only opportunities that we are given to see all our friends from inside school and out. It is fun and keeps a lot of teenagers off the streets on a Friday night as they are given something to do.LAUREN HOLDER - Ashleigh Road, Milton* IT keeps us out of trouble. It is a good place to socialise.JASMINE THOMAS - Castle Road, Worle* WE have a good time and we have fun. It also keeps us out of trouble.KATIE PITT - Priston Close, Worle* BEFORE Barcode I was really bored on Fridays but now I'm not and also I think it's a nice safe environment to be in and I really enjoy it and I know all my friends do.DANIELLE LLOYD - Joceline Drive, Worle* IT IS a good place to make new friends and have a good time.JOSIE LINTERN - Locking Road, Weston* ME and my friends go there every night and it's the only opportunity I get to see most of them as they go to different schools.SAMMY CHAPLIN - Beechwood Avenue, Locking* WE want to save Barcode because it is a fun, safe place to be and I enjoy having somewhere to go.CHARMAIN - Westbury Crescent, Weston* I DON'T get to go out much and this is the only place we're allowed to go.SOPHIE and MISTI - Bournville Road, Weston* IT'S amazing, without it there would be nothing to do - please keep it open.ELLIE CANNOCK - Clifton Road, Weston* DON'T shut down Barcode because it's fun and everyone loves it.MARIE RICHARDS - Byron Road, Weston* IT really is the best thing since sliced bread.JACK NEARY - Blue Water Drive, Elborough* MY grandson and all his friends use Barcode all the time, and it has become a really important part of their lives.Playing pool, listening to music or local bands, encouraging local talent.What would be the alternative for these young people, gangs of teenagers on street corners - I don't think so.D A JONES - Whitecross Road, Weston* I MEET all my mates at Barcode to have a good time with my friends. Also I watch my brother play at Barcode with his band. If Barcode was not open I would not have met the friends that I have now.TOBY ANDREWS - Palmer Street, Weston* I USE Barcode whenever it is open. If it closed I would be hanging around the cold town. The staff are really friendly and help us with everyday issues. Also because my friends and I dress differently. Barcode offers security.NADINE KING - Farm Road, Milton* IT'S such a cool place to hang out and it is a lot safer than on the streets. I think closing Barcode would be a big mistake.LEONIE HATFIELD - Spring Hill, Worle* IF I didn't have Barcode to come to I would be hanging around with the wrong people. I think Barcode is the best.OLLIE SUTHERLAND - Hans Price Close, Weston* THIS place is as safe and as fun as my home. It is my second home really.RYAN HARRIS - Oxford Square, Weston* IT stops us hanging out in town and causing noises and unnecessary litter. If you closed Barcode a lot of children and teens would be on the street in the cold. It is hard to find a place to hang out in a calm and safe environment. If we are on the street it is easy to feel vulnerable and scared.CASIE HILLIER - Alfred Street, Weston* A SELECTION of my friends goes to Barcode and it is an easy and convenient place to meet. Barcode is just a good place to hang out, with a wicked atmosphere.STACEY O'CALLAGHEN - Canberra Road, Weston* IT has also helped many people who felt they could not fit in with anyone fit in. The staff at Barcode are also there to help you with any problems you have which means you are never alone.They even try to make it fun and enjoyable as you have karaoke, pool and other fun and games all day long.SARAH O'HAGAN - Moorland Road, Weston* I COME to Barcode five times a week. If Barcode wasn't open I would be hanging around town or sat in front of the TV. I come to Barcode to use all the facilities and meet my friends.HARRY DEMPSTER - Shrubbery Avenue, Weston* I MET most of my friends here and I come and hang out with them after school every day.JACOB SOTIRIS - Cedern Avenue, Elborough* I WAS glad when it opened because I think it saved me from a lot of trouble.I meet all my friends there so it may have saved them from it too.JAKOB PHILLIPS - Hill Road, Worle

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