Their arrogance beggars belief

IT WAS interesting to read the comments in this week's Opinion column of the Weston Mercury...

IT WAS interesting to read the comments in this week's Opinion column of the Weston Mercury, it appears to mirror the comments of numerous correspondents concerning local issues and the way they have been dealt with by North Somerset councillors over recent years.

More and more readers are now putting pen to paper to express their dissatisfaction with some of our elected councillors, especially in the way in which they appear to have total disregard for the opinion of the people who voted for them, and in some cases their arrogance beggars belief.

Some would do well to remember that the people who elected them to serve the community in the first place can just as easily turn their backs on them at the next election.

It is unfortunate to note that we the electorate are stuck with these present incumbents whether we like them or not because if we wish to remain loyal to our chosen party then we have no other choice.

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Surely it would be much better if each of the political parties put up at least two candidates in each ward, we would then at least have a choice, if we decided we didn't wish to re-elect the sitting councillor - an alternative from the same party could be selected.

I am sure if this system was available to the electorate then several of the existing councillors would not gain re-election and maybe, just maybe, a breath of fresh air would be experienced in the council chamber of North Somerset Council.

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Now is the time for the electorate to speak up and make their feelings felt. Please contact the selection committee of your chosen party and request changes be made to the system to avoid us being stuck with the same councillors year after year who have failed to serve us all in the manner expected.


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