They are happy but with what?

WHY is it our council leader is agreeing to another hold-up over signing contracts with Henry Boot Developments? The council leader Alan Hockridge

WHY is it our council leader is agreeing to another hold-up over signing contracts with Henry Boot Developments?The council leader Alan Hockridge appears to be quite agreeable to all these hold-ups in presenting to the council its final plans.Why is it we are still in the dark about the size of the swimming pool we shall be allowed to have, even though Councillor Crockford-Hawley and Councillor Hockridge have both said 'they are happy with it'? They are happy but with what? Why is it then nobody from the council is prepared to tell us the size?I have been told it will be smaller than the Hutton Moor one and that it will have four swimming lanes which after all this time and trouble would be very small for something which is supposed to be a feature of our seafront and an added attraction for Weston. We also have Richard Evans the spokesman for Henry Boot saying: "January is the target date we are aiming for. We need to tie up some legal issues. It's a fairly complicated project."Just why is the council accepting yet another delay, is there something we are not being told? Is the Henry Boot spokesman Richard Evans the same Richard Evans who, or so I have been told, actually used to work for North Somerset Council two or three years ago? I question everything that we are being told. I still think the council should say to Henry Boot, the time is up, build your hotel and our swimming pool, build the restaurant, cinema or whatever but don't forget what is built can never be turned into flats as that has been set in stone in our ironclad lease. If they did this I still wonder if it would go ahead.It really is a joke, I think we are already a year behind in getting the plans agreed so how much longer?LAURENCE F ORMEShrubbery Avenue, Weston

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