They need a boost too

WESTON is offering so much for the holidaymaker and residents.

WESTON is offering so much for the holidaymaker and residents.

The future looks bright, new pier, big wheel, enhanced seafront and defence wall, flower beds etc, etc.

If we move the museum to the seafront with a new image. The question is what about the local shopkeepers in Orchard Street and Meadow Street? They need a boost too.

I like the idea of having the museum in the heart of the town where it belongs, for all to see.

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It is as I have mentioned before a hidden gem with so much to offer for individuals and families to visit.

Many years ago it had free entrance. It was always busy. There was always security staff usually on view for obvious reasons.

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Is it not possible to have at least the season from Easter to October free again?

I am sure the caf� and shop would boost their profits and see the museum come alive.

I am sure dedicated staff and volunteers would gladly help for a few hours with security, including myself.

Winter entrance tickets at a lower price maybe?

It's a super place for school trips, birthday parties and generally a place to escape to on a cold, dark day as well as in spring and summer.

So much to offer and so much too lose.


Southside, Weston

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