This area is for recreation

SO HERE we have the council applying to itself to use the Beach Lawns for events, etc, why?

SO HERE we have the council applying to itself to use the Beach Lawns for events, etc, why?

Surely this area is for the recreation of the people of Weston and our visitors and should be used as much as possible for as many events as possible with the council arranging and assisting in filling the diary.

As with last year the 'merry go round' of those moaners living on the seafront, who want the 24/7 views and the quiet life, seems has started.

Sorry people, no can do. This area, significantly less used now than 40 years ago, is seemingly enjoying a revival for the good of the town. To be moaning about the return of Carters Funfair with the arguments of last year, noise and fumes is weak. Shall we bring a 21st Century Funfair to the lawns for the summer holidays, then they may have something to voice a concern about, rave music and somewhere for the druggies to hang out.

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What these residents gain on the 'swings', they must be prepared to lose for the summer holidays on the 'roundabouts'.

Carters fits the front perfectly for the summer holidays and we should applaud the council's success at getting them back as a great attraction. I somewhat doubt that they shall return next year with the Pier back in full 'motion', but I could be wrong.

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If the location really is an issue, can they move down a 'lawn' opposite the Ellenborough Parks, and possibly use electricity from the 'grid' or a modern 'Hush' generator as used by the operators of the wheel?

On another more important note, I wonder if the council has put in place a rapid and immediate removal plan for the gypsies camping on the lawns again this year, after all that is a sensible topic that I would think the seafront residents should have some concerns about this year.


Farm Road, Weston

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