Views will be gone forever

I HOPE that as many people as possible will make a big effort to view the new Tropicana plans today (Thurs) at Worle Community Centre in Lawrence Road

I HOPE that as many people as possible will make a big effort to view the new Tropicana plans today (Thurs) at Worle Community Centre in Lawrence Road, tomorrow at The Campus in Locking Castle and, finally, on Saturday at the Winter Gardens when they will be on view from 10am until 5pm.I note that the illustrations printed in last week's Mercury give no real sense of the height of the proposed building and the extent to which it will completely dominate the sea front. Weston's greatest asset is its promenade which gracefully and geometrically follows the sweep of the bay whilst giving wonderfully panoramic views along its length to north and south. Those views will be gone for ever because the proposed building will be massive in both height and extent. One only has to look at the picture on the front page of last week's Mercury to see how far the building and its concourse will extend towards (and, possibly, over) parts of the Beach Lawns.I trust that the designers, Henry Boot Developments, will not try to seduce us with plans and drawings that give no sense of size or the extent to which the new building will extend out from the present site. Given that most of us - and this goes for many councillors, too - would normally have difficulty in accurately understanding and interpreting a set of plans, I suggest you ask those personnel on hand to answer the following questions as well as any of your own which occur to you:Will the designers be producing a scale model of the proposed development in the context of its surroundings so that we can all accurately judge its likely impact on the present site, the immediate area and the sea front in general? Will the developers produce further illustrations with the present frontage superimposed on them so that we can get a better idea of the proposed size of the new building? Will the developers erect scaffolding to the front (at least) of the present building to give us further visual assistance in assessing the size of the new building?Will they also erect markers or put in place some other indicators to show how far the building will extend towards the Beach Lawns and Beach Road? How many businesses have yet signed up to occupy and what percentage of the building's capacity does that represent? Would Boot Developments proceed with these plans by choice if another site, closer to the town centre, was made available to them?I am sure everyone will have their own questions that they want answered. Don't take flannel for answers!Finally, I should emphasis that, although I am currently Mayor of Weston, the views expressed above are purely my own and do not reflect the views of Weston Town Council which has yet to discuss this proposed development.JOHN LEY-MORGAN - Elmsleigh Road, Weston

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