We doubled the recycling rate

I AM writing in reply to the strange anonymous letter headed 'Available in Weston' last week.

I AM writing in reply to the strange anonymous letter headed 'Available in Weston' last week.

During my four years as North Somerset Council's executive member responsible for waste, we doubled the recycling rate from the low state left by the Conservatives in 2003.

This included the extension of green box collections from around a third of North Somerset to the whole district, introducing cardboard and garden waste collections and adding plastic banks to the recycling centres.

I am surprised that 'Name supplied' missed the leaflets and press releases publicising all this.

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These improvements took place in spite of the limited scope for extra recycling in the waste contracts negotiated by the Conservatives, and against Conservative opposition to the garden waste collections.

Remember that the Conservatives and Lib Dems had roughly the same numbers of councillors from 2003 to 2007, making it almost impossible to take any action without general agreement.

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The Conservatives opposed the garden waste collections even though the cost saving was clear. They would certainly have opposed plastic recycling collections which would have cost money rather than saving it at that time. The finances are different now since landfill tax has increased considerably.

I have been an enthusiastic recycler for 40 years and I am pleased that the new waste contracts provide the opportunity for more recycling for all North Somerset residents. I hope that everyone will make the most of it.


Liberal Democrat Lead on North Somerset Council

School Road


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