We have had fantastic support

THROUGH the letter page of your newspaper I hope you will allow us to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported our campaign to try and save Banwell Library.

THROUGH the letter page of your newspaper I hope you will allow us to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported our campaign to try and save Banwell Library.

We have had fantastic support from people both in Banwell and outside, people have been stopping both of us in the street and at school saying well done and people in neighbouring villages have been going out of their way to contact us by phone.

The Mercury has been a great help in covering us.

Our parents have even been stopped around the village and in Weston itself by people asking "how's it going" and "keep up the good work"

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But as of today's date Mike Bell and the Liberal Democrat Party have been the only political party to answer our emails and offer help.

We both feel passionately that this library is important not just to children of this parish but also to older people for whom it might be their only chance to pop out, to pass the time of day with someone, borrow a book for those long cold winter nights that will soon be here and just generally be social.

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All too many of the older people of Banwell might not see or talk to anyone from one day to the next, and this we are very concerned by.

North Somerset Council has not even promised what, if any replacement to the service, we will receive.

Have they considered what it will be like if say the bus is running late and voters of this village have to wait in the cold or rain, mum's with children and babies, older people?

It's not a vote puller is it?

We don't even have public toilets any more - this service was also taken away - so tough if you get caught short. What do you do wait and be uncomfortable or go home and risk missing the minimum 30 minute set down time the mobile library has?

We have been asked many times by young people what happens if the mobile library comes to the village when we are at school?

With North Somerset Council withdrawing the 'late bus' from Churchill School, homework that requires a computer will not be able to be completed by those who do not have one at home. They also cannot take part in after school clubs. It is a 45 minute walk from school.

Again we can't answer because we have had no reply from the ruling party.

One of our mum's was asked by Cllr Ann Harley if we could attended the parish council meeting in Banwell last week, so she could chat to us and explain a way forward. So we went along and yet again no elected District Councillor for Banwell attended.

We are an official Youth Council belonging to the British Youth Council Association and feel that we should be as respected as any other council would expect to be by fellow councillors.

We have worked hard alongside the parish council to improve Banwell and bring a young voice to council meetings. We are not just concerned with young issues but how we can work towards making Banwell a better place for us all both young and old.

But it would appear that we are thought of as just mere children, maybe North Somerset and its councillors should think about the fact that we and the young people we represent are the future vote.

Could we suggest that the next time North Somerset Council vote to increase their basic allowance then they start to make cuts they get their priorities right.

Please join us on Facebook under 'Banwell Library', sign our petition on the 10 Downing Street website, and above all reflect how you feel in your vote in 18 months or so time.

If nothing else this campaign has shown to the two of us the power that the voting public has.


Banwell Youth Centre, Coronation Road, Banwell

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