Weston's a little piece of heaven

I WAS amazed when I read Mrs V Millen's letter saying there is nowhere for children and teenagers to go in Weston. She should think herself lucky

I WAS amazed when I read Mrs V Millen's letter saying there is nowhere for children and teenagers to go in Weston.She should think herself lucky not to live in Lowestoft, Suffolk, a resort I moved from recently. It has much higher levels of crime than Weston, with serious drug, alcohol and violence problems. The parks, far inferior to Weston's, have been ruined by vandalism. There's no proper pier, no donkey rides, no miniature railway, and no attractions such as the SeaQuarium. The seafront swimming pool closed 20 years ago and there are no plans to replace it. Instead, the council wastes vast amounts on new paving schemes and removing seats to prevent people congregating, but forgets to provide toilets. At night it's a ghost town populated by scary youths in hoodies, with mayhem around the nightclubs at weekends, far worse than anything that happens in Weston.By comparison, Weston's a little piece of heaven, with its huge beach, beautiful well-maintained parks and playgrounds, excellent attractive shopping centre, and all the holiday activities and organised sport provided for children, as described week after week in the Mercury. We have the lovely Weston woods, surely a paradise for older kids, perfect for exploring, adventure games and cycling. And for the teenagers there's Barcode, which keeps them off the streets and gives them worthwhile ways to spend their time.People should stop complaining that Weston is not what it was, and realise we are far better off here than many other parts of the country. So people should take a positive attitude and seek out what Weston has to offer people of all ages. I'm so glad I made the decision to move here, and intend to spend the rest of my life enjoying everything that Weston has to offer.MRS V BENDELL - Walliscote Road, Weston

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