What is already available to our youth

I WAS staggered last week upon receiving the Lib-Dem flyer through my letter box, to read comments from our local councillor, Astra Brand

I WAS staggered last week upon receiving the Lib-Dem flyer through my letter box, to read comments from our local councillor, Astra Brand. Although I'm sure having spoken to her she feels her article is well founded, it falls short of the truth.I quote: "We have nothing, absolutely zilch in Milton and Worle for youngsters. There are no cinemas or clubs except school-run ones". So untrue! She continues: "What is needed is a coffee bar or the like to get our youth away from street corners, somewhere they can sit and chat."As much as I would agree with the latter, she fails to mention what is already available to our youth.I have recently retired after 25 years working with a team of leaders and helpers running the 19th Milton and Worle Scout Group. Now that same group, under the new name of 1st Milton Group, has over 100 boys and girls in their various sections. We are also blessed with several other scout groups in our area, as well as brownies and guides. My granddaughter attends and benefits from one of these groups!Available activities do not stop there. We have many football clubs coaching youngsters (drive past Baytree playing fields any weekend) and both Hornets and Weston rugby clubs coach youth at all levels. Additionally, Weston Hockey and Cricket clubs provide coaching for various levels, all intent on bringing on future talent.Let's not also forget the boys brigade, our church and school-run youth clubs, all playing their part. Weston Sea Cadets, I understand, boasts one of the most successful units in the country!From our local youth orchestra to Mendip outdoor pursuits, our local area is alive with activities for our youth. It requires just a little research and effort to find out about them!So please, councillor, look a little further than your vision of a coffee bar and encourage those amenities we already possess. I suggest your energy would be better spent listing the long-standing clubs and publishing contact numbers and venues.I almost forgot, councillor, the most important thing of all. That is to thank and congratulation our over-worked volunteers who give up their spare time, free of charge to benefit our youngsters, not only in Weston, but across the country. I feel your comments are little short of a kick in the teeth to these hard-working volunteers.STEVE GAMBLING - Notgrove Close, Weston

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