Where else would I walk my dog?

I AM left angry yet again by the decision of the council to ban dogs from recs such as Baytree.

I AM left angry yet again by the decision of the council to ban dogs from recs such as Baytree. If I lived near that public open space I'd be writing countless letters of complaints and I would urge local dog owners to boycott this decision. Where else would I walk my dog in that area?

We have a growing epidemic of obese companion animals in our society, we do not need bans on allowing them to run free in parks.

The councillor claims you have to reach a decision that suits everyone but this is not the case as it is banning dogs on the basis that a 'few' people fail to pick up their dog mess. So, you are going to have a ban and a fine. Who will enforce this?

There is currently a fine for allowing dogs to foul public spaces and this is clearly not enforced.

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The famous dog trainer, Victoria Stillwell has already made her concerns about banning dogs from public spaces clear; not only does it discourage people from walking their dogs in safe places, it also encourages dogs to become more aggressive as they are always restrained(reduces social contact); this has already happened in Canada with serious consequences.

I know North Somerset Council is full of quite stupid people so I will give them better solutions that will suit everyone; Firstly, hire someone who can enforce the original law on dogs to fouling in public spaces. Secondly, place a notice on the entrances to the parks making it clear that dogs should not be walked on the park during training sessions or matches or, better still, fence half the park off to make an area for football/training purposes while retaining an area of space for the public to walk their dogs as they have done for years. Don't penalise the majority over a minority.

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It is worth noting that people often foul parks in similar manners. I have seen broken glass, gangs of youths that vandalise and intimidate and extreme littering that is detrimental both aesthetically and environmentally. Question: Will you ban these people from the parks too?


Millers Rise, Worle

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