Who will run the loss making pool?

YOUR leader on the Tropicana stated We should all accept a swimming pool and little else would not pay for itself". Okay, let us assume the initial

YOUR leader on the Tropicana stated "We should all accept a swimming pool and little else would not pay for itself".Okay, let us assume the initial cost of the pool is swallowed up in the whole package and the developers will reap their rewards elsewhere, and that individual companies will take on the potentially profitable bowling alley/cinema /hotel, etc. Who then will run the presumably loss making pool? Will the developers then hand it back to the council to run via subsidy? Surely back to square one, and God knows we are all well aware of what they are capable of organising ... fortunately we do not have a brewery available for such an occasion!On the linked subject of our beloved 1930's Odeon, it is surely one of the most important architectural gems in Weston. Whilst the owners have kept some nice original internal features such as foyer lights, and refurbishments over the years have been reasonably tasteful, might I ask through your pages that they drag the lovely old art deco chrome and red velvet sofas out of the staff rooms and refurbish and re-install them on the first floor. They can then return the modern purple monstrosities which replaced them to the dentist's waiting room from whence they obviously came.GARY WILLIAMS - Clarkson Avenue, Milton

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