Wholly inadequate Berlin Wall scheme

FURTHER to last week's two meetings firstly of the town council on Tuesday and then the west area on Thursday. Of the town council meeting I have to say how arrogant

FURTHER to last week's two meetings firstly of the town council on Tuesday and then the west area on Thursday.Of the town council meeting I have to say how arrogant it is of Mr Crockford-Hawley to simply dismiss it as toy-town politics, especially when Central Government is now planning to quite properly hand back power to local councils. JCH must have been more upset than he is admitting in the press about the unanimous decision not to support his wholly inadequate Berlin Wall scheme because outside on the pavement, he launched himself into a vicious tirade of verbal abuse at my friends and me, using all manner of unprintable foul language. This was most unbecoming of a councillor especially one in so high a position. If only the media whom he is so keen to posture in front of every week were there to see what this man is really like when things are not going his way. This encounter with such an enraged JCH has since led me to believe that he must have gone away and pulled out every string and stop to get the result that he wanted at the following meeting on Thursday. Sure enough, he must have known that he had it in the bag, for he declared that he would be abstaining from the vote. Nevertheless in good faith, we turned up to give our respective addresses being only allowed three minute each on such a monumental subject at the town's future safety and economic well-being. Mine was cut in half, hardly democratic?Despite our heartfelt pleas and more than 500 letters of objection from the public, a small majority of five councillors completely ignored us and voted to destroy Weston as a tourist resort and build this hideous wall and ruin our lovely seafront that the Victorians had left us. Listening to the proceedings, I got the distinct impression that many of these councillors just did not really understand what they were talking about.I was particularly insulted at Cllr Roz Willis' remark 'that many of us seafront people were just playing games'. Who the hell does she think she is? We are fighting for our very survival. How much investment, property and history does she have tied up in the tourist trade? Perhaps it is her and people like her that are playing games ' playing politics' with other people's businesses and livelihoods.We have a once in a lifetime golden opportunity here to get politics, business and people together and approach Central Government to get the funding to do the right thing for Weston. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it is being ruined by a small handful of very stupid but driven people, who will stop at nothing to have their way and destroy our town.M J WOOLLSSouth Road, Weston

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