Will not extend their budget

DOES the National Grid believe we are that gullible?

DOES the National Grid believe we are that gullible?

Peter Bryant remarks: "I can assure you we have neither ruled in nor out any potential undergrounding" but it is a done deal.

The clue is in the "12 to 17 times more expensive" statement.

EDF is a French owned company and a lot more ruthless than most UK energy companies. They will not extend their budget and thus reduce bottom line profit on this project to 17 times more than they should.

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What Joe Public of North Somerset says or thinks regarding this matter will count not one jot. If MP John Penrose thinks otherwise and he is confident of that, then I bet him a year's salary that we will have overhead cables at the end of this project.

Their interpretation of 'Consultation' is "these are the routes, which one would you prefer or let's see which one gives us the least aggravation".

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It will quite clearly be a case of who shouts the loudest or who has the most influence in the NIMBY race


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