Conspiracy theorists attended a Weston police station in a bid to have all Covid-19 vaccination centres closed.

The activists, who we have chosen not to identify, attended Weston's town centre station last week and demanded to speak to officers.

Two Avon and Somerset officers listened to the campaigners as they detailed a conspiracy theory - which is based on untrue claims made online - claiming Covid vaccines are under 'criminal investigation'.

In fact, there is no criminal investigation into Covid-19 vaccinations.

The claim appears to have emerged after the Metropolitan Police (Met) in West London issued a crime reference number (CRN) in response to an allegation of a vaccine-related crime.

The Met has since confirmed to the Reuters news agency issuing a CRN is not proof of a crime, nor that an investigation is taking place. It is merely a reference.

But that has not stopped a number of groups targeting police stations and vaccination centres across the country, claiming they have the right to close them down.

In the video of the Weston police station visit, which we understand is not the only time officers have been confronted with the conspiracy, the woman tells officers: "The reason we're here today ... the Covid 19 vaccinations are now under investigation by CID Met Police in Hammersmith, London.

"This has come about due to catastrophic deaths (of) adults and children across the UK.

"This has also been acknowledged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague."

She calls it an 'international situation' and that the group has visited the police station in a bid to ensure officers are aware.

However, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has - also to Reuters - confirmed no proceedings have been launched.

It said anyone can submit claims to the court, and acknowledged receiving a claim regarding vaccinations, but that acknowledging receiving a complaint does not mean it has been assessed or is valid.

Weston Mercury: Officers were handed literature by the group - which has been debunked by fact-checkersOfficers were handed literature by the group - which has been debunked by fact-checkers (Image: Twitter)

Meanwhile, a litany of other claims are also made in the Weston videos, including allegations against the government and the 'mainstream media'.

The woman filmed says the 'world's largest criminal investigation is underway' and calls on officers to 'assist us in the closure of all vaccination centres within your jurisdiction'.

Avon and Somerset Police have confirmed to the Mercury that no action is being taken as a result of the group's visit.