With just three days until Christmas, Weston has well and truly entered the stage of panic buying.

But fear not, the Mercury has asked its Facebook followers to share the worst gifts they have received from a partner at Christmastime to act as a 'what not to buy' guide.

The original post and comments can be found below, feel free to let us know your worst gift.

To summarise it seems kitchenware is a no-go when it comes to last-minute gift grabbing.

Several readers revealed their previous experiences ranging from a microwave to "kitchen utensils and nothing else."

Others advised Father Christmas to not leave towels, wellies or an ironing board, if you can fit it, under the tree.

Multiple people were made to unwrapped a bin on Christmas day while one lucky woman was handed a garden spade despite having six in the shed.

Finally, a special mention has to go to Facebook user, Sharon Smith who once received a toilet seat from her partner.