Christmas is now just around the corner and with days getting colder, one thing is on everybody's mind - will we finally see a white Christmas?

Widespread snowfall on the big day has only happened four times since 1960, according to the Met Office.

The last time most of Somerset saw snow on Christmas day was in 2010. This was an extremely unusual event for the country, breaking records with 83 per cent of weather stations recording snow.

The Met Office predicts Arctic winds could drive temperatures in the West Country below zero next week, which in turn makes the chances of snow that bit higher for the area in December.

Before the Victorian period, it often snowed on December 25 but after the move to the Gregorian Calendar in 1752, Christmas was effectively brought back by 12 days, further reducing chances of a white Christmas.

Climate change has also played its role in reducing the likelihood of snow thanks to warmer temperatures over land and sea.

In with a better chance of snow this Christmas however is Bristol, where bookmakers have placed an 11 per cent chance of snowfall on the big day at 8-1 odds.