Thousands of people lined Weston's seafront as the Grand Pier's Fireworks at Sea event returned for the first time since the Covid pandemic.

Around 1,200 tickets were sold for the event but many more ventured to the beach to get a glimpse of the show.

The Grand Pier's director told the Mercury that this year's show was one of the best it has ever hosted.


Michelle Michael said: "We had a fantastic night, as did all of the businesses on the seafront.

"And there were plenty of non-pier guests enjoying the display.

"I think the display was one of our finest to date, on a wonderfully mild night too."

Weston Mercury: Fireworks at Sea event.Fireworks at Sea event. (Image: Mark Gray)

Photographers, Grant Smith and Mark Gray both captured the event, with Mr Smith providing breath-taking video footage of the fireworks up close by using a drone.

For more pictures visit both @gas_fpv and @r011erb0y on Instagram.

Weston Mercury: Around 1,200 tickets were sold for the event.Around 1,200 tickets were sold for the event. (Image: Mark Gray)