A taxi firm is offering to pick up shopping for customers who are housebound due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All The Twos, based at The Centre, want to give something back to customers who have supported them over the years, by helping them to access food and supplies.

Shift operator Sam Hale said: “It’s our lovely customers that have helped us get to where we are now. We felt it was time to give back and help those in a worse position than we are.

“There are a few regular customers that we know have no family in the area so we have made sure to check up on them to see if they need anything. One of our drivers does a shop for a lady in Locking, who would have nothing otherwise. We’re doing on average about five shops a day for people, ranging from a few essentials through to a bigger weekly shop on some occasions.

“Kirsty is personally doing all the shopping and the £10 delivery charge is being passed straight on to our drivers which is helping lots with the severe drop in their earnings too. In the toilet roll crisis, we shared some of our office stock to several customers that were totally out. Kirsty is even sharing eggs that her chickens have laid when needed.”