RESIDENTS of Weston got the chance to see the late Queen on two occasions in the past, in 1977 and 2007, much to the delight of flag-waving royalists who would gather to catch a glimpse. 

Following her death yesterday, September 8, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to look back on when the Queen visited our town. 

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As Queen, Elizabeth first visited Weston during her Silver Jubilee tour of the country on August 8, 1977.

She then returned 30 years later on July 20, 2007, where she greeted enthusiastic crowds.

Weston Mercury: Guides and brownies watch in anticipation of the royal arrival. Guides and brownies watch in anticipation of the royal arrival. (Image: Weston Mercury)

It was the last such visit she would make as sovereign.

Silver Jubilee tour, 1977

On her first visit, the Weston Mercury reported at the time: "The Queen said: 'It was a wonderful reception.' "In fact it was a reception that, towards the end, was so enthusiastic it was in danger of getting out of hand."

The Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, travelled by royal train - a quarter-hour late - and entered town by car.

Weston Mercury: The Queen's tour route of Weston, 1977.The Queen's tour route of Weston, 1977. (Image: JCH)

Historian Cllr John Crockford-Hawley said there was talk for a time of the royal yacht mooring at Birnbeck pier.

He said: "But for obvious reasons, the Admiralty chose to decline that venue and opted for a dock a few miles upstream at Portbury - which at that point became known as Royal Portbury.

"The Queen proceeded to Weston where she and Prince Philip walked in the sunshine and chatted 'happily' with locals and visitors on Beach Lawns."

Weston Mercury: Crowds outside the Tropicana await the royals.Crowds outside the Tropicana await the royals. (Image: Weston Mercury)

Hoards of people spoke to the royal couple, including scouts, brownies, guides and members of St John Ambulance. 

The Mercury reported that barriers 'disappeared' among the crowds and police were forced to link arms to form cordons as people watched along the promenade.

The Duke 'quickly disappeared among a sea of people' when he walked along one side of the displays, while the Queen, on the other side, was 'almost completely surrounded by children'.

Weston Mercury: Weston Mercury front page August 12, 1977.Weston Mercury front page August 12, 1977. (Image: Weston Mercury)

It said: "Flag-waving holiday makers and residents lined the streets to give the royal party a tumultuous welcome.

"Crowds were ten-deep in places, while many craned out of the windows of the nearby Grand Atlantic Hotel as well as adjoining blocks of flats. Every nearby wall was used as a vantage point."

Weston Mercury: Queen Elizabeth on her Weston tour in 1977.Queen Elizabeth on her Weston tour in 1977. (Image: Weston Mercury)

The Queen was received by MP Jerry Wiggin, local councillors, and was presented with a bouquet by the granddaughter of Woodspring Council chairman Cllr Norman Haskins.

To ensure the flowers did not clash with the Queen's dress, Cllr Haskins' wife noted her dress colour at the dockside and communicated the information back to the police and Town Hall.

Weston Mercury: An aerial view of the royal party on Weston seafront. An aerial view of the royal party on Weston seafront. (Image: Weston Mercury)

The royal couple 'was soon overladen' with gifts from visitors, the report said.

Among the festivities were displays from girl guides and performances from gymnasts. 

The Mercury reported St John Ambulance and Red Cross crews dealt with 108 casualties during the royal visit, and six had to be taken to the General Hospital, suffering from 'fractured ribs as a result of crowd pressure against barriers'.

The other 102 were mainly 'fainting cases'.

Weston visit, 2007

Then, 30 years on from the joy of the Silver Jubilee, the Queen visited Weston on her final tour of the town.

In 2007, the monarch first pulled into Yatton Railway Station - just one minute ahead of schedule - with the Duke as she surveyed the south west. 

Hundreds of people gathered in the rain to welcome the couple.

The Queen was dressed in a light green outfit and 'took flowers from awe-struck youngsters who had been picked from the crowd'.

She then visited the Bournville estate to tour the Healthy Living Centre. The Mercury reported police marksmen with sniper rifles kept watch on rooftops as residents lined the streets.

Weston Mercury: Weston Mercury front page special on the Queen's return after 30 years.Weston Mercury front page special on the Queen's return after 30 years. (Image: Weston Mercury)

As the Queen and Prince Phillip alighted their Rolls Royce, they were greeted by 11-year-old Vietnamese twins Ellie and Huyen, dressed in traditional clothing, who handed the Queen a bouquet.

Her Majesty then helped to bury a time capsule in the garden which will remain unopened for 100 years. 

More than 300 'screaming parents, teachers and children' welcomed the royal pair as they entered Ashcombe Children's Centre in Weston.

The Queen also enjoyed luncheon at the Winter Gardens and visited many shops along the seafront. 

'Very wet spectators' saw them arrive at Knightstone Island where a carved stone now commemorates the occasion.

After a quick tour of the seafront, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh left for the Helicopter Museum, near Haywood Village.

They then departed by royal helicopter - a Sikorsky S-76C - but not before the Duke unveiled a plaque to mark the opening of a new conservation hanger.